A clinic aims to eventually evolve and offer parents with different types of outstanding services and products which can assist parents to experience a more secure parenthood. KIDDONEED offers vital smart devices and many various services to augment kids’ wellness as they need a colorful life to build a better future for their society.

The founders of Kiddoneed will perform a substantial amount of research to develop their platform that will offer customized diet and exercise plans to children with diabetes. They will dedicate significant effort to perfecting the technology behind the Kiddo Patch, which represents a remarkable advancement in the future of diabetes management for children.

Kiddoneed Product


Kiddo-Patch is a digital patch that monitors glucose level in children’s sweat so it helps kids to control their diet and more significant when needed, the patch release insulin through its micro-needle technology. This innovation is useful for kids because it is hard for their parents or they themselves to check their glucose level using conventional methods, specially when at school or doing activities.

KIDDOPATCH enables scanning and overseeing a child’s glucose level. This product helps children to control their diet. It is hard for parents to regularly control their glucose levels using conventional methods, which is why the Kiddo-patch can play an important role in a child’s well-being.

At the core of the Kiddo Patch will be the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) system. This advanced technology will continuously monitor blood glucose levels, providing real-time data for immediate feedback. A small sensor inserted beneath the skin will regularly check glucose levels in the tissue fluid. The sensor will then transmit this information to software, which will display the results in a user-friendly format, ensuring easy interpretation.

What services does Kiddoneed Clinic offer?

KIDDONEED is an interactive clinic that provides families with different innovative products such as those three mentioned in previous slides, however there are numerous nutrition and fitness programs for parents and kids to benefit from. The nutrition program is designed according to different age groups considering gender and weight. Exercise and fitness programs are designed to keep children healthy and fresh. There are plenty of live or recorded sessions children can choose among.

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